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The Pulp Tales of Gwendolyn Gween, P.I. is an episodic comedic podcast series in the vein of old radio dramas.

It follows Gwen Gween, a junior P.I., as she takes on New York City's strangest cases, all while hunting for her long-lost parents and trying to survive as seemingly the only normal person in the universe.

When she mysteriously receives her mother's bracelet, Gwen searches for answers with her best friend Vicky, her unhinged Uncle Ooley, and her alcoholic boss, the #2 P.I. in town, Dick Dirk.

The only thing Gwen knows for certain is that someone—or, something—is looking for her, too.


Gwen GweenPortrait of Gwendolyn Gween.

Gwendolyn Gween

An apprentice to the number 2 P.I. in New York, Dick Dirk, she's lived with, and taken care of, her Uncle Ooley since her parents died in a mysterious hot air balloon incident, 20 years ago.

Haunted by the feeling that her parents are still alive, Gwen began her detective career with the secret hope of finding them some day. So when her mother's bracelet mysteriously appears in the mail, Gwen doesn't fall down a rabbit hole of suspicious male models, dangerous Nazi plots, and formless monsters who haunt her waking hours—no, she runs down it.

Gwendolyn is a fastidious workaholic, and a self proclaimed ‟soup connoisseur” who, in spite of the distractions and need to take on the weight of the world, simply wants her parents back.

Vicky VancePortrait of Vicky Vance frowning.

Vicky Vance

A native Upper East Sider, who entered her cotillion to DMX's Flesh Of My Flesh. Vicky Vance plays by no one's rules, not even her own. As Gwen's self entitled ‟main bitch,” Vicky sees herself as Watson to Gwen's Batman (She knows that's not right, she just refuses to acknowledge it).

Born to wealthy parents, Vicky has a very entitled view of the world, finding normal things like taxes, or the subway, or lobster not being with every meal, very strange.

Somehow, she remains sincere: with her heart in the right place, Vicky sambas her way through life and into Gwen's adventures.

Dick Dirk, the #2 P.I. in townDick looking happy and scruffy.

Dick Dirk

Proudly the number 2 P.I. in town, Dick Dirk is an immensely ill-prioritized person, but a surprisingly functional alcoholic.

It was once said that Dick is as gifted in the art of detection as he is in inflating his own ego. Of course it was Dick himself who proudly said this, but everyone agreed.

Completely dedicated to his work, Dick lives alone and has no family, but in his moments of drunken clarity, considers his young apprentice Gwen like a spunky sister, although he would never admit this.

Aloof and rude, Dick Dirk has a certain charm only afforded to a fun loving drunk.

Hector "The Schvance" SavalaHector wearing a hat and looking pretty.

Hector ‟The Schvantz” Savala

Both strikingly handsome and packing a schvantz that even your grandmother would write home about, Hector Savala is hired to steal Gwen's bracelet.

Yet, with his task in mind, the one time male model soon falls in love with Gwen. Sharing a similar history of parental absence with Gwen, Hector gets close to her for the sake of his mission, but more importantly, his personal growing interest.

Also, he has the IQ of a raisin.

Uncle OoleyA portrait of Uncle Ooley grimacing.

Uncle Ooley

Gwen's uncle and an eccentric who may be the only person in history to retire off a ‟get moderately well off quick” scheme. With no real responsibilities in mind, Uncle Ooley, as he calls himself, seeks adventure, intrigue, and weird romance.

After pining for the woman his brother married, and then raising Gwen by having her raise him, Uncle Ooley feels particularly protective over his niece.

Following Gwen on big cases and creating weapons of hijinks-like destruction, Ooley marches to the beat of a drum no one knows exists, but he does it as sincerely and loudly as possible.

Tic Tac Man

A barely finished sentient experiment made of bio-engineered material, created by Waggle's best scientists, including Darnell and B.B. Gween, Gwen's parents.

After Waggle's labs were shutdown and the Gween's disappeared, the Tic Tac Man began searching for answers, building itself with parts of humans, leaving a trail of dead bodies in it's wake, and that strange rattle that is it's namesake.

Most importantly, the Tic Tac Man began searching for the bracelet. It knows what it really is. It knows what it could really do. It knows Gwen.


The Pulp Tales of Gwendolyn Gween, P.I. was created by Daniel Contreras and Christopher DeLuca

Christopher DeLuca

Chris DeLuca is a writer, actor, and editor living in Queens, NY. A UCB Advanced Study improviser, Chris has written for many sketch shows, including the long running Terrorbird show, and Cliffnotes on the Human Condition.

In 2015, Chris co-wrote, directed, produced, and performed in The Pulp Tales of Gwendolyn Gween, P.I. This is his first serialized audio comedy. Chris sunlights as a software engineer.

Daniel Contreras

Daniel Contreras is a writer and actor. After completing the New York Film Academy's Acting Conservatory, Daniel performed on many Off-Broadway stages.

In 2015 he earned a one year residency at The People's Improv Theatre, as well as winning a spot in that year's SketchFest with his show, Cliffnotes on the Human Condition.

He is currently working on a series called Where You From, Really? with Jaspal Binning.


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